SYSPRO and Centage Announce Integrated Budgeting/Forecasting Solution for SMB Market

COSTA MESA, Calif., and NATICK, Mass., Feb. 28, 2008 – SYSPRO and Centage Corporation today announced Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO — a bundled, integrated application developed jointly by the two companies, and the first application for the Small to Medium-Sized (SMB) market that fully integrates bi-directional support between Accounting and Business Performance Management (BPM) software. SYSPRO is a leading ERP and Accounting software provider, and Centage is a leading BPM software provider.

Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO, which is being offered only through SYSPRO resellers, bundles the Enterprise Edition of Budget Maestro with the new Link MaestroTM for SYSPRO, facilitating the automatic exchange of financial information from SYSPRO into Budget Maestro, which improves accuracy by eliminating manual data transfer and streamlines data analysis.

Budget Maestro for SYSPRO supports the full cycle of budget development, comparing actual results to plan, re-forecasting, contingency and what-if scenario planning, as well as virtually unlimited financial and management report generation. The application includes Revenue and Expense Forecasting, Cash Flow and Financing Projections, Manufacturing Inventory and Cost Planning, Multi-currency Support and Dashboard Reporting. Payroll and Fixed Asset Planning are also available. The product easily scales from one to hundreds of users.

“As a customer of both Centage and SYSPRO, I am excited about the new direct integration of Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO,” said Gary Hielkema, President and Controller of SensorLink Corporation. “I chose SYSPRO because they were very focused on meeting customer needs and more committed to delivering a high business value for my investment. I purchased Budget Maestro® to work with SYSPRO because it enables me to budget the way I need to, in two critical ways — forecasting off of actual performance and budgeting cash flow. This integration is the kind of news that validates my commitment to both companies.”

SYSPRO and Centage

“The ability of mid-market executives to make strategic decisions quickly and confidently is only as sound as the financial data underlying those decisions. Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO gives our customers the integrated, real-time financial information they need to manage complex budgeting and forecasting models, create accurate cash flow analyses and, ultimately, make the right strategic decisions,” said Brian Stein, CEO of SYSPRO USA.

“This represents a huge win for existing SYSPRO clients that have demonstrated a strong need for flexible budget planning, cash flow planning, and forecasting. With the seamless integration between ERP and Budgeting, existing SYSPRO clients can be up and running in days with Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO. Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO’s cash flow and financing projection tools add simplicity and accuracy to the budget process unrivaled in the market. SYSPRO ERP and CRM client sites have a great new reason to add Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO to their existing installations,” said Stein.

“This is a big day for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that want a more powerful financial management system to support profits and growth. The integration of these two products offers companies a deeper and wider understanding of where they want to take their business and of how to get there, including what adjustments need to be made along the way,” said Centage President and CEO Kamran Sassoon.

Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO will be demonstrated at the SYSPRO PragmaVisionTM 2008 End-User Conference in Orlando, April 7-10.

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