Non-Profit Community Care, Inc., Improves Financial Health with Budget Maestro

Natick MA – May 13, 2015Centage ™ Corporation, , a leading provider of budgeting and forecasting software (Budget Maestro™) for small and medium sized businesses, today announced that non-profit Community Care, Inc., has successfully used Budget Maestro to substantially improve the organization’s budgeting process. By leveraging the software as a strategic financial management tool, the recognized managed care leader can now uncover deeper insight into its business operations, to better manage organizational needs and to focus on its mission of member-centered care and compassion. To learn more about Community Care’s use of Budget Maestro check out the entire case study.

For more than 35 years Community Care, Inc., of Brookfield, Wisconsin has been helping vulnerable elders and adults with disabilities live independently within their communities through a wide range of community-based long-term care and health services programs. As a nonprofit funded by Medicare and Medicaid, the organization must manage a complex network of providers, care givers and members.

Frustrated by a failed attempt to implement an automated budgeting tool, Community Care., Inc., had resorted to using Microsoft Excel to manage the budget. This process required each department to take responsibility for updating and managing its own worksheet which was then further grouped by functional area. Consolidating all that information manually was grueling and offered no guarantees as to the accuracy of information. As the organization began growing more rapidly, managing the budget by this manner became even more ineffective. After a nearly 18 month evaluation process, Community Care, Inc. selected Budget Maestro from Centage to streamline the budgeting process and generate accurate financial insight.

“We needed greater flexibility and Budget Maestro helped us to achieve that goal. It allowed us to totally change our approach to the budgeting process. Today we not only have more accurate information, but richer insight into our business operations which allows us to better manage our organizational needs and those of our members,” said Kyle Raeder, Director of Reimbursement & Financial Planning, Community Care, Inc.

Raeder and his team of four in the finance department rely on Budget Maestro to deliver the financial insight their nonprofit organization needs. The software’s innate flexibility enables them to better manage budget allocation activities, run cash flow projections and instantly create a balance sheet that can be shared with the executive team. In addition, the software’s drill-down capabilities allow Raeder’s department to project staffing costs for their 1,000 employees with greater accuracy. As social security benefits and other government regulations change, Budget Maestro allows them to quickly run projections and determine how evolving expenses will impact the operational budget.

“Budget Maestro is a strategic financial management tool that enables us to improve the budget process every year and fine tune our operations as we go,” noted Raeder. “The clarity of the projections combined with the software’s flexibility enables us to glean the right insight at the right time to help our organization continue its mission of member-centered care and compassion.”

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