Choosing Business Budgeting Software

You’ve realized that your company is either too big or too complex for Excel to serve as your business budgeting software any longer. With multiple budget owners, hundreds of products, or several regions to manage, you need more flexibility and better analysis and projection tools. But where do you start? And how do you determine […]

5 Challenges to Financial Planning for Nonprofits (and the Solutions)

As a business, nonprofits have a unique set of needs and challenges. Nowhere in the business is that more apparent than in financial planning. At the same time, budgeting and financial planning are two of the most important business activities for a nonprofit. Many nonprofits deal with issues in managing and planning their financials largely […]

Meet the Maestros – Adam Rice, Vice President of Product Development

With an extensive background in technical leadership, Adam Rice drives the development of Centage’s suite of planning and budgeting products. In this continuing series, we bring you our interview with Adam so that you can Meet the Maestro. Q: How is developing the Centage suite different from other product development that you’ve overseen? “One thing […]

Announcing the New Centage Partner Program

Centage has always been committed to the success of organizations. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the Maestro Partner Program – our new partner program designed to help partners design, develop and deliver Planning Maestro to their customers.   The new Maestro Partner Program has one important goal – to help our partners differentiate their businesses […]

Meet the Maestros: Jason Lin, Centage CFO

As the newest member of our Maestro team, Jason Lin brings with him extensive experience to help continue Centage’s evolution. In this post in our continuing series, we interviewed Jason so you could Meet the Maestro. Q: Do you think finance leaders should be responsible for operational strategies? “Finance leaders should absolutely be at the […]

What is Budget Forecasting?

The term “budget forecasting” is garnering a lot of attention lately. But the term itself can cause some confusion. While it’s not really a financial term, there are a number of industry practices that business owners could interpret as budget forecasting. Those defining it are pulling together several financial tools and processes to help us […]

Meet John Murdock, Centage’s New CEO

Meet Centage Maestros

It’s been an exciting year at Centage, made more exciting thanks to the news regarding our very own John Murdock. Centage announced on September 25, 2018, the appointment of Mr. Murdock to the role of CEO. Having served as Centage’s CRO and EVP for several years, Mr. Murdock is already familiar with and dedicated to […]

John Murdock to Lead Centage as New CEO

For the better part of this year, Centage has been led by our interim CEO, Ken Marshall. One of Ken’s charges was to find a permanent replacement, someone who would bring a deep desire to understand the problems of our customers while grasping the importance of the myriad of technical innovations that become part of […]

Centage’s New eBook is Here to Help You Transition Away from Spreadsheets

It’s staggering how many companies still rely on spreadsheets to create and manage their organization’s planning and budgeting process. While the use of spreadsheets is on decline, according to a 2018 report by the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) and Robert Half, there are still 63 percent of companies that acknowledge their continued use of […]