FP&A Survey Results – Finance Trends and Predictions for 2022

Centage was created with a simple mission in mind – to empower modern finance professionals with everything they need to help their companies succeed and grow. In creating our financial planning and analysis (FP&A)  solution, we gain valuable insight from a wide range of industry experts, including mid-market CFOs and finance leaders. Moreover, we continue […]

How to Get Started With Financial Scenario Planning

financial scenario planning

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has made clear it’s that the future is uncertain. While you might not be able to predict how the pandemic will continue to affect the world in the coming years, as a small business owner, there are steps you can take to ensure your company weathers the impending changes successfully. […]

Financial Planning for Nonprofits – It’s Time to Arm Your Finance Team with Modern FP&A Tools to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

Building and managing an effective budget and plan can be daunting no matter what industry, but financial planning for nonprofits can be particularly difficult. For those dedicated finance professionals working in the nonprofit sector, the myriad of unique industry challenges from managing multiple stakeholders and funding sources, to understanding compliance standards and creating financial processes, […]

The Budgeting and Forecasting Process – All You Need to Know

For business leaders, improving the efficiency of internal processes is a top priority – especially in today’s dynamic business environment. The budgeting and forecasting process is no exception as it provides strategic insights that support decision making and goal setting – both of which are critical elements of a company’s success, especially during times of […]

The Importance of the HR-Finance Partnership in Workforce Planning

Human resources and finance teams are frequently at odds. While both agree that employees are a company’s greatest competitive advantage, they seem to lack a common language to discuss HR needs. Finance speaks in numbers and the language of the business. HR speaks in terms related to job satisfaction, skills, and company culture. There is […]

5 Challenges to Financial Planning for Nonprofits (and the Solutions)

As a business, nonprofits have a unique set of needs and challenges. Nowhere in the business is that more apparent than in financial planning. At the same time, budgeting and financial planning are two of the most important business activities for a nonprofit. Many nonprofits deal with issues in managing and planning their financials largely […]

Getting the Reins on Data

Decision making is always tricky. In modern business, when we talk about decisions, we talk about data. We need information to make good decisions and decisions should be data-driven,  so big data is important for understanding industry trends. But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? When it comes to […]

The Pros and Cons of Excel for Business Budgeting

Microsoft Excel is a useful business application –  in truth, enterprises across the business world use Excel on a daily basis for a myriad of tasks. However, the problem with Excel, or similar spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets, is when companies start using it for things it wasn’t really designed for – like tasks that could be accomplished much more efficiently with […]

Realize the Benefits of Modernizing Your Budgeting and Planning

As the summer comes to a close and we see on the horizon shorter days and turning leaves, finance teams are growing concerned about the workload facing them through the coming fall and winter.  It’s budget season, and for organizations still using older budgeting processes, it’s a time of anxiety, and even, as you begin […]

Why Data is So Important to Manufacturing Budgets

Technology has been a boon for manufacturing in a million different ways. Companies can now receive orders electronically, invoice faster, and optimize the use of their sales team. With data collecting sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, businesses can predict maintenance and replacements for critical equipment which helps to avoid downtime. All of this […]