The Real Budgeting and Planning Complexities for Today’s Businesses

The finance team faces unique set of  challenges and opportunities as this year’s budgeting season kicks off. Traditionally starting in Q3, the office of finance must begin the critical budget process with incomplete and potentially inaccurate data and a lack of engagement from their business partners. The CFO and his team, however, know that they […]

Forever Changed: The Rise of Cloud FP&A for Business Budgeting

As we mentioned in our last blog, there really is no going back to the old way of business budgeting and planning, which is why FP&A professionals refer to the current state of finance as the new normal. And one of the reasons the ‘new normal’ will remain is that budgeting and planning were headed […]

Forever Changed: Business Budgeting for SMBs

For decades, the finance team’s professional lives were governed by a fifth season: Budgeting. In late-summer team members began meeting with General Managers and department heads as part of the business budgeting process to assess revenue and expenses over the past 12 months, and make predictions as to what will happen in the future. That […]

Driver-Based Planning: The Benefits & The Barriers – Is It Right for Your Organization?

As CFOs and budget managers have continued to take more important roles in operations and decision making across organizations, so too has the budgeting and planning process evolved. This is where driver-based planning has achieved more traction over the traditional annual budgeting and planning process in many businesses. A driver-based approach works to identify key […]

The New Normal: Financial Consolidation and Data Transformation

2020: The Year Everything Changed In the pre-pandemic world, most companies consolidated their financial statements on a quarterly basis. Aggregating the assets, liabilities, expenses, cash flow and P&L across subsidiaries, divisions and product lines is simply too manual and time-consuming a process to create consolidated financial reports more frequently. Infrequent financial consolidation isn’t an ideal […]

The Value of Optimizing Your Cash Flow Forecasting Process for Future Success

Businesses talk a lot about budgets, revenue projections, and actuals. However, having a solid grip on your cash flow forecasting and reporting is one of the most important factors for any business to track. And given the current climate, paying attention to cash flow has become even more vital than ever. Even profitable businesses can […]

Five Plays for Intelligent Financial Forecasting

Is your budget a chore you complete once a year, or an asset that you consult regularly and use to course correct as conditions change or new trends emerge? Intelligent Financial Forecasting In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s important to keep close tabs on business performance.  We passionately believe that every organization will reap significant […]

Three Steps to Optimizing Business Budgeting with Intelligent Technology

The business budgeting process – it’s something every business has to do, yet many struggle. And especially with the uncertainties of today, it’s even more challenging.  More often than not, managers and CFOs get bombarded with multiple meetings, data sets and wait times before the process even begins. That’s not even counting the endless man […]