CFO as CIO: Merging Roles in a New Era

Even before this economic season, some organizations had started to consolidate their senior leadership teams by expanding the role of Chief Financial Officer to include the responsibilities of the Chief Operations or Chief Information Officer. Stericycle and PepsiCo Inc. are some of the most recent companies to make this move. Why? Merging roles saves on expenses from salaries to […]

Business Budgeting 101: Why a Driver-Based Budget Is Right for Your Organization

For many organizations, there’s often a gap between the business budgeting and planning process and actual strategy and execution. When this occurs, budgeting and operating strategies aren’t coordinated, which can lead to errors, not only in the projected budget but in decision-making, as well. Clearly, this is not something any organization wants to experience. As […]

Choosing the Best FP&A Software

  Whether your company is finally moving from a spreadsheet-based system, looking to migrate from another package, or starting from scratch, purchasing FP&A software is no small undertaking. Even setting cost aside, there are many things to consider when vetting potential FP&A software. Evaluating the software means understanding what it can do for you today, […]

9 Factors to Consider When Budgeting for Personnel Expenses

The largest part of a budget for any industry is personnel expenses. Often, it’s the same for any other type of business. Salaries, hourly, overtime, taxes (employee and employer), 401(k) contributions (theirs with one cap and yours with another), insurance of every flavor- life, medical, dental, etc, charity contributions, employee stock purchases, garnishments, pre-tax items, […]

Five Reasons Why Cloud-Based Business Budgeting Software is Right for Your Organization

There’s no doubt you’ve likely heard of “The Cloud” by now. In fact, most programs and software, from email accounts to banking, run on it now. Over the years, more and more software has become cloud-based and business budgeting software is no different. Cloud-based business budgeting software makes it easy to access information anytime, anywhere […]

Budgeting Season Realities During COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the finance team faces some harsh realities and unique challenges as this year’s budgeting season kicks off. Traditionally starting in Q3, the office of finance must begin the critical budget process with incomplete and potentially inaccurate data and a lack of engagement from their business partners. The CFO and his team, […]

Budget Season First Steps: Team Buy-In

Budget season is one of the most important and challenging times for an organization. One of the biggest hurdles to budget preparation that a CFO can face during this time is getting the organization in sync and prepared to put in the time and effort that a meaningful budget requires. As difficult as this might […]

Digital Transformation and the Evolution of Digital Financial Forecasting

On the surface, digital transformation and the finance function seem like strange bedfellows. Even CFOs may be wondering if the company’s digital transformation efforts will make their lives better. From more agility to better alignment, digital transformation initiatives can only mean better and more accurate forecasting, decision making and planning – the evolution of digital […]

Rolling Forecasts Optimize Business Decisions

Adaptation is a key attribute of survival. That’s true in the jungle, but it’s also true in business, especially with what is going on in today’s modern world. It isn’t just that the speed of business has increased. It’s also that businesses need to be ready to change rapidly for their own survival. Which is […]