The Challenges of Constant Change and the Need for Accurate Scenario Planning

It’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds. However, the area in which successful companies excel is responding to change. Along with being agile and able to pivot on a dime, these businesses have the ability to make decisions and act on them with confidence, and that means mastering the art of scenario […]

Business Planning Best Practices to Navigate a Downturn

It’s a challenging time to run a business. Even as companies cope with the lingering impact of the pandemic, they’re also dealing with new concerns of inflation, recession, softening demand, and higher cost of capital. With supply chain bottlenecks making it hard for businesses to access necessary goods and services, many companies are looking for […]

The Case for Data Integrations in FP&A Platforms

Business leaders need real-time insight into the business and how it’s performing. Specifically, they need to identify emerging trends — both positive and negative — as early as possible so that they can conduct what-if scenario testing, and make smarter and faster decisions about possible pivots. Static reports can’t meet this need. To begin, they’re […]

How to Create a Flexible, Agile FP&A Function

agile, flexible FP&A

Just as content is king in the world of marketing, when it comes to financial decision-making, data is everything. Unfortunately, many of today’s small and medium-sized businesses are making choices based on tools that lack the sophistication to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information. If you want to outsell the competition, then upgrading your financial planning and […]

Customer Insights: Paving a Path of Positivity

We recently hosted a webinar for our customers where members of our leadership team – myself, Nate Burnes, vice president of Customer Success and Adam Rice, vice president of product development discussed insights and learnings from 2020 and our objectives and product plans for 2021. This 2020 wrap up was very well attended and a […]

How to Maximize Revenue for Your Business with Intelligent Planning

No business leader wants to deal with unpleasant surprises at the end of the year, such as missing revenue goals — or perhaps worse — missing the opportunity to exploit better-than-anticipated market conditions that could maximize revenue. And this year is definitely no exception given the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty. […]

Centage is Investing in Our Customer’s Success

Companies around the world and in all industry segments are experiencing uncertain times. Now, more than ever, companies need to be agile with financial planning and have a clear understanding of cash position to navigate and ensure their success. During the past two quarters, Centage made several investments focused on our customers. I’m glad we […]

Rethinking Your Budgeting and Planning Process with Intelligent Planning

There is a concept called “anchoring.” It’s a trick your own mind plays on you where a concept sticks in your mind and you can’t help but include it in your thinking, even when you’re convinced that you’ve disregarded it. As the Harvard Business Review points out in their piece on the subject, anchoring can […]

Intelligent Planning: A Q&A with Centage CEO John Murdock

The world of finance has changed. While accounting and variances may still be important, the Office of Finance has become the driver of change and growth in many organizations. Centage not only recognizes this shift, but understands that it’s only the beginning of a digital transformation wave for organizational finance. We sat down with John […]