Why Financial Forecasting Is More Important Than Your Annual Budget

Once upon a time, businesses were satisfied with creating an annual budget. You used your budget as a measuring stick to gauge performance against assumptions made months ago. You celebrated if you were on target; and if you were off the mark, you brainstormed ways to make up the difference. If your board asked you […]

Today’s Business Budgeting; Can Your Spreadsheet Software Keep Up

When it comes to business budgeting and planning, traditional spreadsheets are labor-intensive, prone to errors, and static, so it can be difficult to get a clear view on your current and future financial position.  With the fast pace of business change, CFOs need accurate financial information to make informed decisions on the fly.  Accounting has […]

Traditional KPIs for CFOs – Why It’s Time to Get the Whole Story

Data matters–especially when it comes to measuring the relative performance of a business. After all, most organizations need to know key business drivers like cash flow, sales and revenue. These numbers – traditional KPIs for CFOs –  make a business tick and are how you judge the relative success of your business, right? Well, not […]

A Guide for QuickBooks Users: Finding the Right QuickBooks Forecasting Software

If your organization already uses QuickBooks, you’ll want to find the right solution that makes forecasting simple, while not disrupting your existing financial planning processes. Here are 4 things to consider when looking for QuickBooks forecasting software. As an organization matures, it inevitably needs access to more sophisticated financial tools that will scale business plans, […]

Make Your Budget Presentation Boardroom Ready

Your teams have spent months creating, adjusting, re-creating and finalizing your budget for the next year. Managers have input their needs and requests for equipment, staff and training. Sales teams have projected their volumes. While not a small feat this year, you’re ready to bring your annual budget presentation to the board. But are you? Is […]

Using Scenario Planning Tools for What-If Analysis

Data has always been a critical piece to the success of businesses. Those who can gather and leverage information about their customers, business operations, sales and so forth, will position themselves well to understand and take advantage of growth opportunities. However, data analysis can only do so much to predict the future. While understanding that […]

Falling Short – Excel and Financial Reporting Problems

When it comes to financial reporting, Excel is the go-to for many companies, from small start-ups to larger corporations. In fact, the Financial Executives Research Foundation reported that 69% of companies surveyed continue to use Excel as their main tool for budgeting and planning, despite all of the issues with using spreadsheets for this purpose. […]