Report the Future: The Role of Automation in Financial Reporting

Successful businesses recognize the importance of financial planning and analysis. Also known as FP&A, financial planning and analysis refers to various planning and budgeting activities that help a company to make savvy decisions regarding its long-term goals. Despite the basic truth that businesses need to be future looking if they hope to succeed, traditional financial […]

Best Practice Tips to Impress in the Role of CFO

role of cfo

Once upon a time the role of CFO was focused on backward-looking data. However, these days, chief financial officers do a great deal more than financial reporting. Along with tracking cash flow and providing timely information, the best CFOs are strategizers, analyzing a company’s strengths and weaknesses from a financial perspective and helping direct decision […]

Why Cash Flow Is Vital for SMBs

You’ve probably heard the phrase that cash is king. However, as a small business owner, you might not realize all the ways in which cash can impact your organization for the long haul. Without cash, your business may struggle to purchase supplies, pay worker salaries, and even keep the lights on. If you want your […]

Cash Flow Forecasting: The Key to Future-Proof Your Business for 2022

Across the globe, the business environment remains in a seemingly endless state of flux. Supply chain shortages, major gaps in the workforce, and a never-ending pandemic are impacting each and every industry and contributing to this perpetual state of uncertainty. Is your business set up to handle these dynamic market conditions? Do you have the […]

Why Financial Forecasting Is More Important Than Your Annual Budget

Once upon a time, businesses were satisfied with creating an annual budget. You used your budget as a measuring stick to gauge performance against assumptions made months ago. You celebrated if you were on target; and if you were off the mark, you brainstormed ways to make up the difference. If your board asked you […]

Today’s Business Budgeting; Can Your Spreadsheet Software Keep Up

When it comes to business budgeting and planning, traditional spreadsheets are labor-intensive, prone to errors, and static, so it can be difficult to get a clear view on your current and future financial position.  With the fast pace of business change, CFOs need accurate financial information to make informed decisions on the fly.  Accounting has […]

Achieving Your Corporate Vision: Why You Should Align Your Business Plan & Budget

In a recent My TechDecisions article – A Guide to Writing IT Business Plans – I was asked to provide my thoughts on what should be included in an IT business plan. Where my contributions were around the importance of including detailed communication strategies especially when it comes to the re-shaping of workplace environments caused […]

Traditional KPIs for CFOs – Why It’s Time to Get the Whole Story

Data matters–especially when it comes to measuring the relative performance of a business. After all, most organizations need to know key business drivers like cash flow, sales and revenue. These numbers – traditional KPIs for CFOs –  make a business tick and are how you judge the relative success of your business, right? Well, not […]