Alternative to Excel: Business Budgeting Software

Business budgeting software is an alternative to Excel – offering a large suite of advantages over spreadsheets. Regardless of the type of business you manage, your modeling, scalability and security reach their highest levels when you use business budgeting software instead of relying on spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are powerful tools, this more advanced software is […]

Four Steps to a Better Business Budget

During the business budgeting season, it’s not uncommon to hear finance teams and executives alike ask the same question – “Isn’t there a better way?” This year is no exception, in fact, it may be your most challenging budgeting season yet. It’s important that businesses do their best to create a solid business plan based […]

Four Steps Towards Actionable Financial Insights

Decision making is always tricky. In modern business, when we talk about decisions, we talk about data. We need information to make good decisions and decisions should be data-driven,  so big data is important for understanding industry trends and providing financial insights. But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? […]

Never Too Small for Budgeting and Financial Forecasting Software

SMBs can benefit from budgeting and forecasting software to keep their business on the right track. Small and medium business owners have lots of reasons for why they start out on their own. Providing a new and exciting product, seeing an unfulfilled need in the market, or wanting to help other people or businesses be […]

Developing an Accurate Direct Materials Budget

A business budget isn’t just the single, master budget. Instead, there are focused budgets that companies rely on to help them understand their cash flow and financial needs. While every organization needs a master budget, the need for other budgets is based on the kind of business you operate. For businesses that make their own […]

Breaking the Budget Silo

Accurate and useful budgets are the result of hours of work and input from stakeholders across the organization. Under the best of circumstances, creating a budget can be difficult to coordinate in a timely and effective way. When budget season starts, however, the most important voices outside of finance are busy manning the tasks that […]

The Art and Science of Business Decision Making

There has always been a mystique around confident decision makers. It’s a coveted skill and one that’s mentioned in nearly every job description for a leader. The fictional ideal of strong decision makers is someone who makes smart, key decisions based on gut instinct. Great decision makers, though, rely on more than their intuition. In […]

Modern Healthcare Budgeting Must Address New Challenges

The healthcare industry faces new challenges daily. Advancements in care keeps the field exciting and rewarding, while an increased population and a large generation of aging patients make healthcare tough. It isn’t just patient care that makes the field a challenge. The administrative side of healthcare has its own concerns. These concerns aren’t always centered […]