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Analytics Maestro Now Includes Updated Dashboarding, BI & Reporting

December 4, 2013
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Analytics Maestro, which extends Budget Maestro’s reporting capabilities, has newly updated and significant features.  The latest version of Analytics Maestro includes an updated financial dashboard for executives to quickly see how they are performing against KPIs. Analytics Maestro gives users the ability to perform complex analysis, and includes the abilities to drill-down to underlying data, identify trend analysis, add filters to data and analyze multi-dimension hierarchies.

“Analytics Maestro has completely revolutionized the way our company prepares and analyzes its month end reports.  It is easy to use, highly customizable, and links directly to our general ledger, which makes it a powerful and precise tool,” said Scott Lazenby, senior financial analyst at Helm Corporation.  “Once the reports are created, it is truly as easy as pushing a button to refresh and update the data.  Unlike anything else we’ve used before, Analytics Maestro has made it possible to look at our data quickly, efficiently and most importantly, accurately.”The new features in Analytics Maestro include:

  • Customer Members – this allows users to easily create custom metrics, key performance indicators, or hierarchies on the fly, without the need for IT support, custom code, or reliance on Excel formulas.  Custom members can be inserted into any report or view and shared among different users for advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Automated Report Formatting – this provides easy to use, custom report formatting that is maintained on a detailed drill-down of data.  It can be saved as templates and applied to new or existing reports.
  • Member Selector – this facilitates enhanced and robust ad hoc reporting and allows users to quickly and easily change assumptions or report views by selecting different metrics of views and immediately see the impact of results.

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