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Improve Budgeting Efficiency with QuickBooks Integration

Bridge the gap between QuickBooks and your budgeting tool for easier, more accurate planning

Creating budgets and forecasts in QuickBooks used to put businesses between a rock and a hard place; accept the limited functionality of QuickBooks or deal with an Excel nightmare. Now there’s Link Maestro, the only data bridge on the market that fully integrates with QuickBooks to move data with 100% accuracy to Budget Maestro – in under five minutes.

Challenge: QuickBooks or Excel – the rock or the hard place?
In order to create budgets and forecasts in QuickBooks businesses only have two options: use the basic functions in QuickBooks or export data to Excel. If you opt for the spare functionality of QuickBooks, you can only create a lump sum estimate of costs for one account. If you need to create variable benefits with tabs for things like social security withholdings, 401(k) match contributions or benefits for different types of employees, you’re out of options.

The limited budgeting and forecasting functionality in QuickBooks causes many to turn to Excel in hopes of getting a more robust financial picture. However, attempting to use Excel can waste vast amounts of time and money.

First, consolidating budgets can take weeks or months, the actual export process can take days, linking dozens or hundreds of spreadsheets is a nightmare, you’ll have to deal with broken links and bad formulas, and if someone adds a row your whole spreadsheet model is shot. If that’s not enough chaos, you’ll still have to figure out how to generate the financial statements such as P&L, balance sheets, cash flow and what-if scenarios that drove you to export data from QuickBooks to begin with.

And, you still won’t be able to run a trial balance on data labeled as “unclassified” by QuickBooks, leaving a large gap in the information you rely on to make big decisions.

Solution: Link Maestro, the only QuickBooks integration software on the market, with Budget Maestro
There’s a better way to get a complete financial picture for all of the organizations under your umbrella: Link Maestro eliminates the problems inherent with Excel spreadsheets and formulas and vastly improves on the limited functionality of QuickBooks. With a fast, one-person import process, Link Maestro saves time and money that would have been wasted standardizing and consolidating data for export to Budget Maestro. Once data is imported into Budget Maestro, you’ll have complete access to your QuickBooks data, even unclassified data, for complete financial budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

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