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Planning Maestro: Helping More Businesses Plan Intelligently in Today’s Dynamic World

Planning Maestro: Helping More Businesses Plan Intelligently in Today’s Dynamic World, Centage

Last week we shared some exciting news: the availability of three new editions of Planning Maestro, our powerful, easy to use, and quick to implement software for Finance teams. The new editions bring Intelligent Planning to a wide range of businesses and even more Finance professionals than ever before, providing sophisticated, year-round planning that is ideal for today’s dynamic businesses as they grow, plan, and make decisions to optimize performance.  

Differing from the traditional annual budgeting and planning approach, Intelligent Planning connects all of the important financial data streams and feeds while fostering continuous collaboration across the business, and guides decision making so organizations can react quickly to market changes – all of which are so critical today. 

Our one-of-a-kind cloud platform, Planning Maestro consolidates a businesses’ important financial planning data streams and enables continuous collaboration with key stakeholders to guide budgeting, forecasting, scenario planning, and decision making. The ability to react quickly, make good decisions, and adjust plans on-the-fly are strategic advantages for businesses of every size.


Planning Maestro: Helping More Businesses Plan Intelligently in Today’s Dynamic World, Centage

Three New Editions

To help more businesses plan intelligently, Planning Maestro is now offered in three editions:

Planning Maestro’s Standard Edition is ideal for small businesses seeking to automate, simplify, and improve the accuracy of their budgeting and forecasting processes. 

Planning Maestro’s Professional Edition is great for small and medium sized businesses seeking more frequent planning, greater user collaboration, and more powerful financial automation. 

Planning Maestro’s Enterprise Edition is perfect for organizations with larger teams with complex budgeting, forecasting, and planning models and processes. 

All three editions deliver powerful reporting capabilities for Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Variance, and a variety of KPI reporting needs. Planning Maestro has become popular within Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) as well as with business users seeking to evolve past Excel spreadsheets into the modern era of business performance management.

Our CEO John Murdock explains, “We have great customers and we want to see them continue to thrive and grow their businesses. We are committed to continuing to innovate our products, expanding the markets we serve, and deepening the relationships we have with our customers and partners.”

And I couldn’t agree more.  To learn more about the new editions of Planning Maestro, visit centage.com/plans.  



Centage Corporation’s Planning Maestro is a cloud-native planning & analytics platform that delivers year-round financial intelligence. With Planning Maestro, Centage offers the sophisticated features needed by small and mid-market organizations to integrate budgeting, forecasting, and deep data analysis within one easy-to-use, scalable SaaS solution. For more information on how to modernize your office of finance with intelligent planning, view our product demonstration video, or call 800-366-5111.