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John Murdock to Lead Centage as New CEO

September 25, 2018
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John Murdock

For the better part of this year, Centage has been led by our interim CEO, Ken Marshall. One of Ken’s charges was to find a permanent replacement, someone who would bring a deep desire to understand the problems of our customers while grasping the importance of the myriad of technical innovations that become part of the business world every day.Centage is pleased to announce that our own CRO and executive vice president, John Murdock, has been promoted into the role of chief executive officer. Assuming the role from Mr. Marshall, Mr. Murdock will bring his desire to create the best experience for Centage customers to the whole of the organization through collaboration, transparency and adoption of the newest technologies.John understands that Centage is more than just a software company. It’s a company that helps our customers plan and grow their businesses, and to do that customers need the right technology at their fingertips and the Centage team aligned around their success. He’s spent countless hours talking to users, CFOs and finance teams to truly understand their needs. These discussions have defined how he looks to move Centage forward in the coming years – through a customer-centric approach that adopts the latest technologies.To achieve this goal, John plans on breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration across the organization. By blurring the lines between departments and giving everyone a holistic view of the company, Centage aims for a culture of transparency that permeates into the overall company mission of providing the best customer experience along with the most effective budgeting and planning product.Part of creating that breakthrough product that addresses the pain points of finance teams is adopting the accelerating wave of technology innovation in the space. John sees embracing that wave as the key to making a difference for our customers. “The pace of change is phenomenal,” he explains. “Any company that seeks to be relevant and add value to their customers must lean in and innovate. It’s the only way companies like Centage can have an impact that’s bigger than selling software.”Mr. Marshall, who will stay on as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, notes that Centage is being put into great hands. “This feels like a very natural step to appoint John to the role of CEO. He’s been instrumental in the company’s strategy, growth, and execution success over the past few years. He is highly respected by our employees, board, and brings a customer-centric approach to his leadership style. John has been a ‘boots on the ground’ leader engaging with hundreds of CFOs and finance teams over the years to discuss budgeting, forecasting, analytics, and how, Centage can transform and simplify their businesses. He is the perfect choice to help lead Centage to the next level of technology innovation and focus on its customers,” explained Ken Marshall.

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