Get to Know Centage’s Brand-New Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced

The leading provider of modern cloud-based FP&A solutions for mid-sized organizations, Centage Corporation prides itself on empowering today’s financial leaders to better guide their organizations to success. In an effort to continue delivering the best possible services, Centage has teamed up with global technology firm Intuit Inc., the maker of QuickBooks Online Advanced, to bring […]

Centage Planning Maestro: Innovating the Future of Finance

Back in 2019, Centage made waves when it announced the availability of Planning Maestro, the first-ever FP&A platform designed specifically for the mid-size market. Up until the release of Planning Maestro, only enterprise-sized companies could afford the expense of automated and intelligent cloud-based FP&A technologies. Centage made it its mission to change that. “Small and […]

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

Every business needs a budget — but having a budget is just the start. In addition to making a budget every month, quarter, or year, you also need to compare that budget to what your company actually earns and spends. Without a comparison between your forecasted income and expenses and your company’s actual income and […]

FP&A Survey Results – Finance Trends and Predictions for 2022

Centage was created with a simple mission in mind – to empower modern finance professionals with everything they need to help their companies succeed and grow. In creating our financial planning and analysis (FP&A)  solution, we gain valuable insight from a wide range of industry experts, including mid-market CFOs and finance leaders. Moreover, we continue […]

Strategic Budgeting and Forecasting: Five Questions to Consider

While spreadsheets have long reigned supreme as the foundation of budgeting and forecasting for many organizations, the shortcomings of this legacy, siloed tool have become too hard to ignore. Relying on archaic spreadsheets to guide complex business models automatically puts your organization at a disadvantage – sacrificing time and accuracy while stunting strategic decision making. […]

Today’s Business Budgeting; Can Your Spreadsheet Software Keep Up

When it comes to business budgeting and planning, traditional spreadsheets are labor-intensive, prone to errors, and static, so it can be difficult to get a clear view on your current and future financial position.  With the fast pace of business change, CFOs need accurate financial information to make informed decisions on the fly.  Accounting has […]

Modernizing Your Process: Budgeting Best Practices for Finance Teams

As many organizations begin to look to the months ahead, building a 2022 budget is at the top of many to-do lists. For most CFOs and their teams, it’s a time when they must do the impossible – pin down a budget and financial plan despite constant flux and uncertainty. Which is why implementing best […]

The Real Budgeting and Planning Complexities for Today’s Businesses

The finance team faces unique set of  challenges and opportunities as this year’s budgeting season kicks off. Traditionally starting in Q3, the office of finance must begin the critical budget process with incomplete and potentially inaccurate data and a lack of engagement from their business partners. The CFO and his team, however, know that they […]

The Budgeting and Forecasting Process – All You Need to Know

For business leaders, improving the efficiency of internal processes is a top priority – especially in today’s dynamic business environment. The budgeting and forecasting process is no exception as it provides strategic insights that support decision making and goal setting – both of which are critical elements of a company’s success, especially during times of […]