How Excel Spreadsheets Can Create a Data Security Risk for Businesses

As a business owner or chief financial officer (CFO), spreadsheets may be an important part of your financial forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes. While spreadsheets are commonly used and easy to modify, they are not designed to store and protect sensitive information. So, why are so many companies relying on them to handle their financial […]

How to Overcome the Difficulty of Managing Financial Strategies in Excel for Businesses

How to overcome the difficulty of managing financial strategies in Excel for Businesses

Excel is a powerful tool that many individuals and businesses use for managing finances. Depending on the size and needs of your business, however, you may experience some challenges with using Excel. These concerns could include time-consuming manual entry, difficulties consolidating data, less security for sensitive information, limited collaboration capabilities, delayed reporting, and difficulties accessing […]

The Ins and Outs of Budgeting and Planning Drivers

In the current economic climate, proper financial planning and management are more essential than ever before. With that in mind, many businesses are turning to budgeting and planning drivers as a way of obtaining more accurate information. A newer approach to financial management, driver-based planning involves examining a company’s main business and value drivers with […]

The Role of Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Business Budgeting in Modern FP&A

business budgeting

Business budgeting is a crucial factor with the ability to impact a business’ long-term success or failure. Along with providing important information regarding day-to-day operations, an accurate budget better enables companies to predict revenue, trim costs, and make decisions regarding expenditures and opportunities. Although there are multiple ways to craft a business budget, most companies […]

Meet the Maestros w/Kate Drenckhahn, Senior Product Manager

Kate Drenckhahn is Centage’s Senior Product Manager focused on the strategic planning and execution of new and existing Planning Maestro functionality. Kate brings a strong background in the application development lifecycle with over 20 years of professional experience in Fintech and SaaS delivery to the Centage product team. This includes a variety of leadership and […]

The Case for Data Integrations in FP&A Platforms

Business leaders need real-time insight into the business and how it’s performing. Specifically, they need to identify emerging trends — both positive and negative — as early as possible so that they can conduct what-if scenario testing, and make smarter and faster decisions about possible pivots. Static reports can’t meet this need. To begin, they’re […]

Best Practice Tips to Impress in the Role of CFO

role of cfo

Once upon a time the role of CFO was focused on backward-looking data. However, these days, chief financial officers do a great deal more than financial reporting. Along with tracking cash flow and providing timely information, the best CFOs are strategizers, analyzing a company’s strengths and weaknesses from a financial perspective and helping direct decision […]

Get to Know Centage’s Brand-New Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced

The leading provider of modern cloud-based FP&A solutions for mid-sized organizations, Centage Corporation prides itself on empowering today’s financial leaders to better guide their organizations to success. In an effort to continue delivering the best possible services, Centage has teamed up with global technology firm Intuit Inc., the maker of QuickBooks Online Advanced, to bring […]

Centage Planning Maestro: Innovating the Future of Finance

Back in 2019, Centage made waves when it announced the availability of Planning Maestro, the first-ever FP&A platform designed specifically for the mid-size market. Up until the release of Planning Maestro, only enterprise-sized companies could afford the expense of automated and intelligent cloud-based FP&A technologies. Centage made it its mission to change that. “Small and […]

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

How to Read a Budget vs Actual Report

Every business needs a budget — but having a budget is just the start. In addition to making a budget every month, quarter, or year, you also need to compare that budget to what your company actually earns and spends. Without a comparison between your forecasted income and expenses and your company’s actual income and […]