Customer Insights: Paving a Path of Positivity

We recently hosted a webinar for our customers where members of our leadership team – myself, Nate Burnes, vice president of Customer Success and Adam Rice, vice president of product development discussed insights and learnings from 2020 and our objectives and product plans for 2021. This 2020 wrap up was very well attended and a […]

2021 Payroll Budgeting: Tips You Need to Know

You’re deep into your year-end close and to keep from being overwhelmed, isolating one piece of the pie to focus on is the best way I’ve found to manage my work when things get harried. The area I’d like you to zone in on this week is payroll budgeting.  With W2’s and 1099’s to prepare […]

Q&A with FP&A – The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on FP&A Teams

We brought together members of our Finance team to share their insights on the challenges and opportunities they have unearthed in 2020 while navigating the global pandemic.  First, we asked the team to reflect on 2020 and how the pandemic has impacted the team and their ability to perform their core tasks and responsibilities: Q: […]

Meet the Maestros – Ashwin Bihari, Director of Software Engineering

Ashwin Bihari is Centage’s Director of Software Engineering and manages the data integration and Modeler components of Planning Maestro.  Ashwin brings a strong background in computer science fundamentals and over 20 years of professional software engineering experience to the Centage product development team. This includes a variety of leadership roles at local SaaS companies such […]

How to Maximize Revenue for Your Business with Intelligent Planning

No business leader wants to deal with unpleasant surprises at the end of the year, such as missing revenue goals — or perhaps worse — missing the opportunity to exploit better-than-anticipated market conditions that could maximize revenue. And this year is definitely no exception given the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty. […]

Meet the Maestros – Robert Andrews, Finance and Accounting Manager

Robert Andrews is a member of Centage’s Finance team joining in December 2019.  As Finance and Accounting Manager, Robert leads the Finance and Accounting team in Centage’s month end close process, financial reporting, external audit relationships, as well as financial forecasting. Before Centage, Robert was with ZoomInfo, where he managed a small accounting team, producing […]

Three Steps to Optimizing Business Budgeting with Intelligent Technology

The business budgeting process – it’s something every business has to do, yet many struggle. And especially with the uncertainties of today, it’s even more challenging.  More often than not, managers and CFOs get bombarded with multiple meetings, data sets and wait times before the process even begins. That’s not even counting the endless man […]

From the Trenches: 5 Skills Finance Professionals Need Now More Than Ever

States reopen and then shut down again; some companies are forced to do layoffs while others thrive; the economy responds with fluctuations. No worker is completely immune to the turbulence of this season, but finance professionals especially feel the uncertainty at a concrete, measurable level as they process their company’s numbers. How do finance teams […]

CFO as CIO: Merging Roles in a New Era

Even before this economic season, some organizations had started to consolidate their senior leadership teams by expanding the role of Chief Financial Officer to include the responsibilities of the Chief Operations or Chief Information Officer. Stericycle and PepsiCo Inc. are some of the most recent companies to make this move. Why? Merging roles saves on expenses from salaries to […]