Stale Cash Flow Forecasts and Overdue Invoices: A Recipe for Disaster

Having a strong positive cash flow is the goal of every business. Knowing that you’ve got the resources available to run your business and handle any unexpected expenses helps business owners sleep at night. The question is, how do you maintain that flow once you’ve got it established? There are two scenarios that can lead […]

Cash Flow Planning is a Company’s Secret Weapon Against Disruptors

The business world is no longer occupied with mere startups. Instead, we live in the age of disruptors – small, agile organizations with big ideas that are changing the world and the market that they are part of with new ideas and rapid adaptation to customer demand. Larger companies don’t always have the ability, or […]

How to Improve Your Cash Flow Forecasting

Since cash flow impacts so many areas of the business—from budgeting to purchasing to bank costs—it’s a key function that needs to be taken seriously. Without an accurate cash flow forecast, risk and illiquidity increase, impacting the overall budget. This applies in both the short and long term. You’ve likely experienced this as well. Many […]