Lag or Lead: Using KPI Analytics to Achieve Results

In the business world, like it or not, we’re outcome oriented. What was the profit margin in the third quarter? Do we need to adjust our revenue projections? Measuring results is the easy part … if everyone is on the same page with the calculation being utilized and affecting those results is another matter. That’s […]

Financial Analytics vs. Financial Reporting – Get the Real Story

Financial analytics and financial reporting – two seemingly similar processes with very different purposes and outcomes. Financial reporting vs analytics does not imply a sporting event, nor does it suggest legal action. In our world of finance, it simply denotes two specific processes conducted in the finance department of most organizations. On the surface, one […]

How Analytics is Used to Predict the Future Financial Health of the Company

The process is automated and uses your own format to see and understand the data I like to visually see the company financial results. I look at the main financial statements, which include the income statement, the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows and using consecutive periodic reports (monthly) I compile a set […]

Why You Should Forecast Your Financial Dashboards – Part 1

Financial dashboards are powerful, more so if they forecast the future We are all familiar with the popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  It simply means that pictures convey information in a much clearer way than words can and make the understanding of a concept or a construct quicker and more effective. […]

Four Reasons to Move to Self-Service Financial Analytics

We’ve said it before – businesses today need to move faster than ever before. To simply keep pace with competitors, organizations not only need to make faster, actionable decisions, they also need to make quality decisions firmly grounded in data.  The good news is that the tools to make faster and more effective decisions have […]

Real-Time Data – Real-Time Analytics

Make this a central part of the transformation of corporate finance We continue to be bombarded daily by new offerings from technology vendors, both hardware and software products, particularly SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.  There seems to be no end to these innovations. In spite of all that, I think there is always room […]

Cloud Analytics: Building Your Financial Tech Stack in 2019

The modern Office of Finance has changed dramatically as finance teams have gained greater access to information and tools that help them be more efficient. The role of the finance team has moved from a transactional one to being at the center of strategy and decision making for the organization. In particular, analytics tools have […]

The Budget Process: FP&A Software vs Spreadsheets

Imagine what it felt like when companies first started to move from pen and paper budgets and planning to spreadsheets. The ability to quickly change data and see a cascading effect thanks to formulas must have been life changing. It looked and acted like a ledger but performed complex calculations automatically. So many things have […]

Workday Acquires Adaptive Insights: What This Could Signal for FP&A

The FP&A ( financial planning and analysis) world received some big news in mid-June. Corporate and enterprise performance management juggernaut, Workday, announced that it would acquire business planning solution provider Adaptive Insights. The two companies plan to finalize the merge later in 2018, with Workday paying over $1.5 billion for Adaptive. The deal means that […]

Analytics vs. Financial Reporting (Part 2)

Two seemingly similar processes with very different purposes and outcomes In the first part of this article we saw the distinct differences between reporting and analytics, the purposes they serve and the large amounts of data used in both processes. So what do you do with this data? First, GL data is used to construct […]