How to Maintain a Positive Cash Flow

The success of a business may be more elusive than expected. While your business may appear to be successful under the guise of profits, it may actually be in danger without stringent cash flow management practices. A business that dispenses more cash than it accrues may be fated for bankruptcy despite demonstrated profitability. Nearly a […]

Digital Transformation and the Evolution of Digital Financial Forecasting

On the surface, digital transformation and the finance function seem like strange bedfellows. Even CFOs may be wondering if the company’s digital transformation efforts will make their lives better. From more agility to better alignment, digital transformation initiatives can only mean better and more accurate forecasting, decision making and planning – the evolution of digital […]

A Guide for QuickBooks Users: Finding the Right QuickBooks Forecasting Software

If your organization already uses QuickBooks, you’ll want to find the right solution that makes forecasting simple, while not disrupting your existing financial planning processes. Here are 4 things to consider when looking for QuickBooks forecasting software. As an organization matures, it inevitably needs access to more sophisticated financial tools that will scale business plans, […]

Rolling Forecasts Optimize Business Decisions

Adaptation is a key attribute of survival. That’s true in the jungle, but it’s also true in business, especially with what is going on in today’s modern world. It isn’t just that the speed of business has increased. It’s also that businesses need to be ready to change rapidly for their own survival. Which is […]

Three Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow Forecast

Having a solid grip on your cash flow forecast and reporting is one of the most important factors for any business to track. And given the current climate, paying attention to cash flow has become even more vital than ever. For many businesses, having an accurate cash flow forecast can help to avoid potential cash […]

A Recipe for Cash Flow Problems: Stale Forecasts and Overdue Invoices

Having a strong positive cash flow is the goal of every business. Knowing that you’ve got the resources available to run your business and handle any unexpected cash flow problems helps business owners sleep at night. The question is, how do you maintain that flow once you’ve got it established? There are two scenarios that […]

How to Forecast Cash Flow

Businesses talk a lot about budgets, revenue projections, and actuals. However, one of the most important planning tools for a business of any size is cash flow forecasting – and it’s especially important in times of uncertainty. Cash flow forecasting is critical for a healthy business. Even profitable businesses can be hurt if they don’t […]

Financial Forecasting Best Practices: How to Forecast Financial Statements

Given today’s volatile climate, companies are embracing the idea of predictive financial planning – and a critical part of this planning is forecasting financial statements.  While an important piece of your financial forecasting and planning process, forecasting financial statements can seem quite daunting. How does a company go about creating this crucial forecast? The ability […]

Getting Started with Rolling Financial Forecasts

Moving from traditional financial forecasting to rolling forecasts may be the key to strategic decision making. As the end of April approaches, your finance team has likely been comparing the live results from the first quarter to the yearly forecast – even more so during such turbulent times. If your organization is lucky (and yes, […]

Why Workforce Planning is Critical During Mid-Year Reforecasting

As your company planned its upcoming budget late last year, there was likely some focus on what roles and how many team members would be needed to complete the projects that would move the company forward. As the executive team looks ahead to mid-year re-forecasting, this is an ideal time to also review your workforce […]