Why Businesses Are Choosing Other Options Over Excel Spreadsheets for Financial Forecasting


Excel is a popular spreadsheet tool for personal and business use. This accessible program can accomplish various tasks, such as financial forecasting and budgeting. Excel is an easy-to-use platform for inputting numbers and getting results with simple formulas. Businesses can also customize templates to suit their unique needs. If your business has used Excel for […]

Scenario Planning in Uncertain Times

Your business can use historical and recent business performance with the recurrent business cycle and seasonal trends to predict your organization’s financial performance in various scenarios. With this information, you can make critical strategic decisions, such as how much to spend on a major marketing campaign or whether to expand into a new market. There […]

The Challenges of Constant Change and the Need for Accurate Scenario Planning

It’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds. However, the area in which successful companies excel is responding to change. Along with being agile and able to pivot on a dime, these businesses have the ability to make decisions and act on them with confidence, and that means mastering the art of scenario […]

The Value of Data-Driven Cash Flow Forecasting

Between pandemic uncertainties and a possible recession on the horizon, today’s companies face numerous challenges. While you might not be able to prevent the next economic downturn, there are steps your business can take to ensure you’re in the best possible position to handle what’s to come. To survive and thrive in the current corporate […]

Making the Move: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

cash flow forecasting

Call it a recession, a weak economy, or just “tough times”. The fact is there is great potential for turbulent times ahead for many small and mid-sized businesses. With less cash to count on, knowing your cash flow position with cash flow forecasting has never been more important: how much is really in the bank, how […]

Plan for Today to Better Prepare for Tomorrow: Rolling Budgets & Rolling Forecasts

rolling forecasting

For most businesses, the current economic circumstances – and looking at what may lay ahead – haven’t just resulted in financial uncertainty, it’s also brought to light the inherent challenges with using conventional budgeting methodologies to track and anticipate future business performance. If companies want to be prepared for the months and years ahead and […]

What You Need to Know: Rolling Budgeting, Rolling Financial Forecasting, and Mid-Year Forecasts

Rolling Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, and Mid-Year Forecasts

The current economic circumstances haven’t just resulted in financial uncertainty for millions of Americans. They’ve also helped reveal the problems inherent in conventional budgeting methodologies. If companies want to improve their ability to anticipate future successes and failures, they need to adopt new means of prediction.  With rolling forecasts, businesses can gain better insight while […]

Why Cash Flow Is Vital for SMBs

You’ve probably heard the phrase that cash is king. However, as a small business owner, you might not realize all the ways in which cash can impact your organization for the long haul. Without cash, your business may struggle to purchase supplies, pay worker salaries, and even keep the lights on. If you want your […]

How to Create Better Employee Experiences Through Financial Initiatives

Built-in financial intelligence with planning maestro by centage

Financial planning initiatives are a tried and tested way to reward employees for great performance. But they can also go beyond this and help to create better employee experiences. This guide explores how you can tie performance to financial success, using the right tools to deliver results. Attracting and retaining top talent requires more than […]

Cash Flow Forecasting: The Key to Future-Proof Your Business for 2022

Across the globe, the business environment remains in a seemingly endless state of flux. Supply chain shortages, major gaps in the workforce, and a never-ending pandemic are impacting each and every industry and contributing to this perpetual state of uncertainty. Is your business set up to handle these dynamic market conditions? Do you have the […]