Making the Business Case for FP&A Software

If you’re looking to convince your organization that there is a need for FP&A software, it may seem like an uphill battle. For many organizations, Excel is deeply embedded in the planning and budgeting process. Convincing your company to spend money on new software when there is, essentially, free software that is doing the job […]

Your FP&A Software Needs These Features

In Ventana Research’s recent finance benchmark report, only 24% of those surveyed reported issues with their planning and budgeting software. At face value, it seems as if most FP&A departments are happy with their software, even if it’s the tried-and-true, but much maligned spreadsheet. However, as the report points out, digging deeper into the findings […]

The Budget Process: FP&A Software vs Spreadsheets

Imagine what it felt like when companies first started to move from pen and paper budgets and planning to spreadsheets. The ability to quickly change data and see a cascading effect thanks to formulas must have been life changing. It looked and acted like a ledger but performed complex calculations automatically. So many things have […]

Workday Acquires Adaptive Insights: What This Could Signal for FP&A

The FP&A ( financial planning and analysis) world received some big news in mid-June. Corporate and enterprise performance management juggernaut, Workday, announced that it would acquire business planning solution provider Adaptive Insights. The two companies plan to finalize the merge later in 2018, with Workday paying over $1.5 billion for Adaptive. The deal means that […]

Getting Team Buy-In on Rolling Forecasts

Resisting change is human nature. This is true of personal change as well as organizational change. One of the reasons people resist change is because of a fear of the unknown – they aren’t sure how a change in their workflow will work, how it will affect them, their teams or their job. When it […]

Stable Cash Flow is Key to Business Growth

Any business owner will tell you that cash flow is important for a healthy business. Positive cash flow allows you to pay your employees’ wages, get business supplies and maintain your business so you can continually attract new–and retain old–customers. But cash flow is important beyond simply maintaining the status quo. A positive cash flow […]

How Higher Ed is Raising the Bar for Financial Planning

One of the exciting things that happens as we enter a new year is observing the buzz in the air as a new crop of students enter their final stretch toward receiving their college degrees. Higher education is an enormously important sector of our economy throughout the country and here in Massachusetts in particular, it […]

The Last Day of the Accounting Period Phenomenon

Is shipping on the last day of the month that important and at any cost? In my work in management consulting in the areas of accounting and finance I get involved with many client companies’ financial statement preparation, disclosure work and internal control (plus internal audit in several of the larger companies). What is common […]

How to Easily Manage Software License Renewals

How you can have Planning Maestro manage this task with ease and accuracy All organizations rely on software products in their daily operations across all departments and business segments. Enterprise software ranges from ERP, accounting and finance applications to engineering, CAD, CAM, marketing and sales automation and also includes the software I am using to […]

Financial Planning and Analysis – Art or Science?

How technology reduces the “art” element in successful FP&A activities This morning I received an e-mail from inviting me to a webinar titled “The Art (and some Science) of Great FP&A”. I am glad to see a resurgence of such an important facet in any company’s finance department and the increasingly stronger endorsement of this function […]