Use Your FP&A Software for Scenario Planning

Get a handle on your plan and budget with multiple budget versions and what-if scenarios The first spreadsheet ever published, Visicalc, developed by Software Arts and published by VisiCorp in 1979 enabled its users to make changes to values in certain cells and have the entire electronic worksheet recalculate itself, almost instantly.  Users could enter […]

Getting Team Buy-In on Rolling Forecasts

Resisting change is human nature. This is true of personal change as well as organizational change. One of the reasons people resist change is because of a fear of the unknown – they aren’t sure how a change in their workflow will work, how it will affect them, their teams or their job. When it […]

What to Look for in a Financial Forecasting Tool

Technology has revolutionized just about every aspect of corporate life, and fortunately for CFOs, that includes the way we can now forecast cash flow statements, balance sheets, workforce expenses, sales and revenue and P&L. What’s particularly exciting is the way technology can automate how financial data flows through models and forecasts, freeing financial teams from […]

Sales and Finance Collaborating on the Financial Forecast

If your business has a growth strategy or variability in your top line revenue, then forecasting your top and bottom lines in future periods is critically important. The more closely you manage these financial forecasts, and the more frequently you refresh them, the better decisions your organization can make to optimize resources and impact. All […]

Financial Forecasting for Balance Sheets

If you read this blog with any kind of regularity, you know that we feel pretty strongly about the importance of financial forecasting. Budgets are valuable assets, a direct line of sight into the health of your business — as long as you take the time to look at and update your forecasts weekly or […]

Why Financial Forecasting is Particularly Critical in 2018

Every company goes through the process of creating a budget and a financial forecast each year. Budget season is marked by the executive team making projections about the economic and business conditions in the next 12 to 18 months, and documenting how they plan to respond to those conditions. All too often, however, once the […]

Are Rolling Financial Forecasts Right for Nonprofits?

The world we live in today changes more quickly than any time in our history. Access to information and news can cause people’s opinions and actions to turn on a dime. The financial position of a nonprofit can be a victim – or a benefactor – of these changes. But traditionally, nonprofits have relied on […]

Workforce Planning: Fortune Telling that Doesn’t Require a Crystal Ball

Workforce planning is important to meeting an organization’s strategic vision, but it’s something that many consider a kind of fortune telling. In reality, it’s more science than art, and should be a critical component of management’s operational planning. Workforce Planning isn’t Magic Strategic workforce planning doesn’t require a crystal ball or a magic wand. But […]

A Reasonable Approach to Headcount Forecasting

Don’t Overcomplicate the Process I recently read an article on the topic of headcount forecasting and people looking for advice on implementing a super-powerful Excel model to allow their finance and human resources departments to forecast the need for employees. HR needs this information to plan recruiting efforts and to time when to advertise open […]

Start Financial Forecasting Now: Why February is the Perfect Time

We’re halfway through February, which means we’re at the midpoint of the first quarter of 2017. Now, the question is: how is this quarter shaping up so far? If you haven’t looked at your numbers yet, the time has come. With one full month of figures in the system, now is the time to take […]