Making the Business Case for FP&A Software

If you’re looking to convince your organization that there is a need for FP&A software, it may seem like an uphill battle. For many organizations, Excel is deeply embedded in the planning and budgeting process. Convincing your company to spend money on new software when there is, essentially, free software that is doing the job […]

Your FP&A Software Needs These Features

In Ventana Research’s recent finance benchmark report, only 24% of those surveyed reported issues with their planning and budgeting software. At face value, it seems as if most FP&A departments are happy with their software, even if it’s the tried-and-true, but much maligned spreadsheet. However, as the report points out, digging deeper into the findings […]

The Budget Process: FP&A Software vs Spreadsheets

Imagine what it felt like when companies first started to move from pen and paper budgets and planning to spreadsheets. The ability to quickly change data and see a cascading effect thanks to formulas must have been life changing. It looked and acted like a ledger but performed complex calculations automatically. So many things have […]

Workday Acquires Adaptive Insights: What This Could Signal for FP&A

The FP&A ( financial planning and analysis) world received some big news in mid-June. Corporate and enterprise performance management juggernaut, Workday, announced that it would acquire business planning solution provider Adaptive Insights. The two companies plan to finalize the merge later in 2018, with Workday paying over $1.5 billion for Adaptive. The deal means that […]

FP&A—Rethinking the Role of Corporate Performance Management

Gartner, Inc. ( recently published a report titled: “Back to Basics: The Refocusing of Corporate Performance Management.” Analysts John E. Van Decker, Nigel Rayner and Christopher Iervolino were credited as the report’s authors The report’s authors raise the point that the original principles of corporate performance management (CPM) have become less relevant in recent years […]

Should FP&A Functions Be Outsourced?

See how, with the right tools and control over the process, most organizations don’t have to outsource their FP&A functions A number of years ago Deloitte UK released a white paper titled “Financial Planning & Analysis – The Next Frontier of Business Process Outsourcing?” In the paper the authors explore outsourcing critical finance functions, such […]