Getting Team Buy-In on Rolling Forecasts

Resisting change is human nature. This is true of personal change as well as organizational change. One of the reasons people resist change is because of a fear of the unknown – they aren’t sure how a change in their workflow will work, how it will affect them, their teams or their job. When it […]

Getting Started with Rolling Financial Forecasts

Some organizations are able to run their businesses the same way they did ten or even fifteen years ago. But for the vast majority of companies, the speed of business has increased to breakneck speeds. All areas of the business are changing their operating models not only keep up but find a way to get […]

Are Rolling Financial Forecasts Right for Nonprofits?

The world we live in today changes more quickly than any time in our history. Access to information and news can cause people’s opinions and actions to turn on a dime. The financial position of a nonprofit can be a victim – or a benefactor – of these changes. But traditionally, nonprofits have relied on […]