Big Data and Financial Reporting

Financial reporting has been the life-blood and focus of companies since the beginning of time. A few things have changed though, like the size of the numbers, the technology used to look at them, and how we share that information throughout an organization. But looking at what financials can tell us has pretty much remained […]

IT Budgeting and Asset Depreciation for IT Professionals

When it comes to IT Budgeting and the current assets in your organization (i.e. computers, software etc.), it’s usually a challenge for IT Professionals to work alongside the accounting department. In many cases IT Professionals don’t have experience or expertise in IT Asset Depreciation. Yes! Asset Depreciation, you might be scratching your head wondering why […]

Cash Flow Planning is a Company’s Secret Weapon Against Disruptors

The business world is no longer occupied with mere startups. Instead, we live in the age of disruptors – small, agile organizations with big ideas that are changing the world and the market that they are part of with new ideas and rapid adaptation to customer demand. Larger companies don’t always have the ability, or […]

Workforce Planning: Fortune Telling that Doesn’t Require a Crystal Ball

Workforce planning is important to meeting an organization’s strategic vision, but it’s something that many consider a kind of fortune telling. In reality, it’s more science than art, and should be a critical component of management’s operational planning. Workforce Planning isn’t Magic Strategic workforce planning doesn’t require a crystal ball or a magic wand. But […]

How to Model Scenarios to Scale Your Company

The U.S. economic outlook is bright; the U.S. GDP rose to 2.4% in 2017, unemployment is dropping, and inflation is a manageable 1.6%. It comes as no surprise that many companies see the next few years as their opportunity to grow their revenues and market share. At Centage, we are seeing demand increasing from our […]

What is a Collaborative Business Budget?

And how do you ensure your budgeting software offers a true collaboration? There’s a growing trend among mid-size businesses who find their budgeting needs have outgrown the spreadsheets they’ve been using. They’re now looking for business budgeting software that will make it easier to collaborate among all of the budget constituents. and to ease the […]

How Can You Ensure Financial Statements Are Accurate? Smart Budgets!

This past summer, The Cheatham County School Board found itself in an uncomfortable position; the Cheatham County Commission called a special meeting so that its members could explain how the Board had made $878,000 revenue mistake in the school budget. The reason? An error in a spreadsheet calculated a subtotal of $439,000 in revenues two […]

Spreadsheets Are Here to Stay—But Not for Complex Business Budgets

Although I’m an avid spreadsheet user (who isn’t?) I don’t consider myself a spreadsheet geek. So, it wasn’t until I read a press release from Centage Corporation ( announcing an event at their Natick, Mass., headquarters to honor Fathers of the Spreadsheet Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston on October 17, 2017—National Spreadsheet Day—that I realized […]

How to Build a Board-Ready Business Budget

You won’t be faulted if you’re nervous about your first …or your 20th…annual budget presentation to your Board of Directors. The time and effort that’s been put into finalizing the financial and operational business budgets thus far has been significant. Analyzing countless scenarios, reviewing ratios and possibly making significant changes midstream. Preparation From Part 1 […]

Smart Budgets: Easy and Accurate Reporting for Everyone

Today’s mid-size businesses no longer look at their annual budget as a once-a-year exercise. The budget is now seen as a strategic asset, vital for monitoring performance vs. plan on a monthly (or even weekly) basis, forecasting future performance based on current actuals and the plan, as well as assessing the impact of proposed business […]