Budgeting season has arrived for most nonprofits – are you ready? No one needs to tell you that creating your annual budget is hard work, especially if you use Excel.

Don’t dread another budget season.

Join us for our live webinar and hear tips on how to simplify your budgeting and planning process; building flexible driver-based budget models and delivering accurate forecasts year-round. You’ll learn how to:

• Accurately plan for personnel expenditures, allocating expenses for each employee or employee type
• Determine staffing requirements and other resources for programs based on key drivers
• Create valid projections of funds, grants and charitable contributions for an accurate balance sheet and cash flow statement
• Generate unlimited what-if scenarios, exploring different income streams such as auctions, walks or galas, etc.
• Meet non-profit reporting requirements by filing balance sheets and annual financial statements in a timely manner, properly detailing income and expenses