2018 budgeting and planning is on the horizon. Does your company allow stakeholders to take shortcuts in creating budgets? Does your company operate in static planning environment? Does your company struggle in creating accurate and timely forecasts? Do not let your forecasts and 2018 budget be a strategic anchor on your company’s ability to anticipate, respond and react effectively to dynamic market conditions.

Join us to discover how organizations avoid common budgeting and forecasting pitfalls, and how companies that implement dynamic, driver-based planning allow finance to deliver strategic value by acting as trusted advisors across departmental lines, identifying the right growth opportunities, and providing senior management with a dynamic financial plan that informs better decisions across the enterprise.

Learning objectives:
•Identify and mitigate inherent barriers to budgeting and forecasting success that exist at your company
•Discover specific opportunities to improve the alignment of people, process and technology in your forecasting process to unlock the strategic value of effective forecasting at your company.
•Define the benefits to your organization in moving from a static to a dynamic budgeting and forecasting environment.
• Understand specific data sources, types, and tactics companies are using to focus on the right customers and right products to deliver profitable growth.