The FP&A function is a critical piece for many organizations and there are no signs that this will change in 2018. In today’s volatile market, there is an urgent need for dynamic planning and forecasting that provides the agility the business needs to respond quickly and drive better financial decision making.

In addition to FP&A’s pivotal role, we’ll examine how organizations are investing in FP&A for continued success in the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities that technology can present, and the future of the FP&A function as it relates to strategy and utilizing data.

After attending this event you will be able to identify the trends in FP&A for 2018. We’ll also discuss:
  • The challenges in planning and budgeting in today’s market
  • Emerging trends in dynamic planning including rolling forecasts
  • The impact of these trends on staffing and skill sets for FP&A executives, including how to shift FP&A’s time to more value-added activities for the business
  • How big data can be leveraged in forecasting
  • Best practices for better business agility and remaining competitive