Nonprofit organizations encounter a multitude of challenges when it comes to budgeting and forecasting – whether it’s controlling personnel expenses, managing uncertain income streams or meeting reporting requirements. The needs of today’s nonprofits go far beyond the capabilities of Excel – they require a solution that is easy to implement, easy to use and provides automatic and accurate budgets and forecasts to offer greater transparency into the financial health of the organization.

As you prepare for your next budget, learn how Smart Budgeting can help automate and simplify the entire process for a nonprofit organization. “Smart Budgeting” is the emerging trend of using technology to automate and manage the financial health of the organization; thus, leveraging an intelligent budget model that re-programs itself when things change.

Join our webinar and learn how a Smart Budget can:

Adopting a smart budgeting perspective allows nonprofits to eliminate the complexities and hassles inherent to using spreadsheets. This budgeting season, make it easy by embracing smart budgeting.