Financial Forecasting Toolkit

Automated Cash Flow Management, Dynamic Forecasting, and
Driver-based Scenario Planning to help your Business Thrive

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Paper] The Forecasting Revolution

Learn why intelligent forecasts are the single most important decision-making tool for your business.

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Best Practice] The Advantage of Synchronized Financial Statements

The ability to automate forward-looking financial statements is transforming the world of FP&A.

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Case Study] Centage Helps Financial Team Keep Their Forecasts Rolling

Learn how Four Star Freightliner’s quarterly reforecasts become essential to business planning.

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Playbook] 5 Plays for Intelligent Financial Forecasting

Learn why intelligent planning & analytics is the only way to forecast all year long.

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Blog] The Importance of Financial Forecasting

Goals and direction are perhaps most important when it comes to the life blood of a business – its money. 

Forecasting Toolkit, Centage

[Video] Financial Forecasting

Planning Maestro automatically adjusts projected revenues, expenses and the anticipated bottom line, based on incoming actuals.

Centage has helped hundreds of customers confidently prepare for the
future with accurate cash flow projections.