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5 Tips to Recession Proof Your Business Budget & Financial Forecast

When you think of a business that’s recession proof, you probably imagine a company that provides the type of essential products people need regardless of the state of the economy. For example, grocery stores, healthcare businesses, and freight companies are all widely regarded as being recession proof. However, the truth is you don’t have to […]

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Partner Spotlight: G7 Tech Services

G7 Tech Services aggregates data from across internal and external platforms into easy-to-understand, always-up-to-date dashboards for our clients to create instant reports and answer questions easily to support strategic decision making. We eliminate stupid tasks. Seriously. Q&A with Odeta Pine, Founder & CEO Where is your organization located and how many people do you employ? […]

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The Key to Modern Financial Reporting: Leveraging Data to Withstand Volatility

It’s no secret that we’re living in a time of significant economic upheaval. In light of the current volatility, with a probable recession just around the corner, it’s more important than ever that companies take steps to protect their financial futures, and that means utilizing data to its best advantage. Recognizing that organizations with access […]

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2022 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Market Study

Centage ranked as an Overall Leader in the 2022 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Study. Access the full study here. Centage also maintained a Perfect Score for Likelihood to Recommend.


Partner Spotlight: BAASS Business Solutions

Since 1988, BAASS Business Solutions has been delivering sustainable growth and value to small and medium enterprises throughout North America and the Caribbean. We offer a comprehensive range of services and business management solutions that create meaningful experiences for their customers. Q&A with Manny Buigas, Vice President of U.S. & Caribbean Operations Where is your […]

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The FP&A Software Buyerʼs Guide for SMBs

The key to making a successful business case for financial planning and analysis software isn’t in showing the cost savings it can bring – at least not at first. There is a better path to building the case that is more likely to lead to a yes …