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What is Reforecasting?

Change is an ever-present companion in the business world. Different parts of the organization have learned to deal with these challenges in different ways. Sales teams meet frequently and keep a close eye on a prospect’s position in the funnel. IT teams have switched to Agile – a process that lets them incorporate changes to […]

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Small Business Can’t Afford to Rely on Spreadsheets Alone

A minus sign caused a $2.6 billion mistake. A major financial services company had sent a letter to shareholders  explaining that they would be getting a $4.32 distribution per share, thanks to the fund’s performance. Unfortunately, during the estimation process, an accountant forgot a minus sign, turning a $1.3 billion loss into a gain. The […]

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Modern Healthcare Budgeting Must Address New Challenges

The healthcare industry faces new challenges daily. Advancements in care keeps the field exciting and rewarding, while an increased population and a large generation of aging patients make healthcare tough. It isn’t just patient care that makes the field a challenge. The administrative side of healthcare has its own concerns. These concerns aren’t always centered […]

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Using Scenario Planning Tools for What-If Analysis

Data has always been a critical piece to the success of businesses. Those who can gather and leverage information about their customers, business operations, sales and so forth, will position themselves well to understand and take advantage of growth opportunities. However, data analysis can only do so much to predict the future. While understanding that […]

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Meet John Murdock, Centage’s New CEO

It’s been an exciting year at Centage, made more exciting thanks to the news regarding our very own John Murdock. Centage announced on September 25, 2018, the appointment of Mr. Murdock to the role of CEO. Having served as Centage’s CRO and EVP for several years, Mr. Murdock is already familiar with and dedicated to […]

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John Murdock to Lead Centage as New CEO

For the better part of this year, Centage has been led by our interim CEO, Ken Marshall. One of Ken’s charges was to find a permanent replacement, someone who would bring a deep desire to understand the problems of our customers while grasping the importance of the myriad of technical innovations that become part of […]

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Centage’s New eBook is Here to Help You Transition Away from Spreadsheets

It’s staggering how many companies still rely on spreadsheets to create and manage their organization’s planning and budgeting process. While the use of spreadsheets is on decline, according to a 2018 report by the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) and Robert Half, there are still 63 percent of companies that acknowledge their continued use of […]

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The Importance of Planning and Budgeting Alignment

Few companies open their doors with the intent of staying the same size, or doing the same thing, for the life of the organization. Even the smallest business has a vision or plan for the future of the company. Planning is the first step towards achieving growth for any company. Companies also have a finite […]

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