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Financial Planning for 2023 and Beyond: Steps to Nail Your Three Year Strategic Plan with Modern FP&A

Individuals and businesses alike have endured extreme stress in recent years, and there’s no sign of the situation improving any time soon. Along with the continuing impact of the COVID pandemic, companies are currently dealing with the effects of Russia’s war on Ukraine, sky-high inflation, supply chain shortages, and rising interest rates, among other challenges. […]

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Using Modern FP&A for Workforce Planning: A Critical Component of Your Operational Plan

Workforce planning is important to meeting your organization’s strategic vision, but it’s something that many consider a kind of fortune telling. In reality, it’s more science than art, and should be a critical component of management’s operational planning – especially during uncertain times. While workforce expenses have always monopolized the largest part of a company’s […]

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Why Businesses Are Choosing Other Options Over Excel Spreadsheets for Financial Forecasting

Excel is a popular spreadsheet tool for personal and business use. This accessible program can accomplish various tasks, such as financial forecasting and budgeting. Excel is an easy-to-use platform for inputting numbers and getting results with simple formulas. Businesses can also customize templates to suit their unique needs. If your business has used Excel for […]

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Report the Future: The Role of Automation in Financial Reporting

Successful businesses recognize the importance of financial planning and analysis. Also known as FP&A, financial planning and analysis refers to various planning and budgeting activities that help a company to make savvy decisions regarding its long-term goals. Despite the basic truth that businesses need to be future looking if they hope to succeed, traditional financial […]

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5 Ways to Evolve Your FP&A Process During Times of Constant Change

It’s no secret that today’s business leaders are facing unprecedented uncertainty. Between pandemic insecurities, a supply chain crisis, labor shortages, and the growing threat of recession, companies that rely on traditional planning and forecasting may find themselves struggling to stay competitive. Fortunately, modern financial planning and analysis technologies are offering savvy business leaders the opportunity […]

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